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Wedding Band EntertainmentOrganizing a wedding can be one of the most stressful ordeals you’ll ever go through. But choosing the right wedding band entertainment for the most important day of your life isn’t always as easy as it might seem.

Finding exceptional Wedding Band Entertainment can sometimes be like trying to find the Holy Grail. There’s definitely no shortage of wedding band talent out there, but really talented Wedding Band Entertainment is not so easy to find. Many couples look through glitzy wedding websites showing polished videos and a multitude of written testimonials. But unfortunately for many newlyweds what they get on the day is far from what they were fooled into believing.

What To Look For When Hiring Wedding Band Entertainment

Here are some things to look for when booking wedding band entertainment.

  • Make sure that the demo provided by the band is a live performance and not something that was manufactured in a studio. It is very easy to look and sound great under controlled conditions.  However replicating the same sound live is another thing altogether. Good wedding bands tend to shine when performing live and you shouldn’t expect anything less.
  • Wedding bands are in effect cover bands so they should be proficient at covering other people’s music. The problem with many cover bands is that they don’t sound like the real thing and this is both musically and vocally. A wedding band needs to be capable of mimicking the artist they’re trying to cover and hence why it’s called a cover band. If they don’t sound quite right on the demo what chance would they have of sounding right on the night?
  • Try to book a wedding band that has been playing together for many years. SoSymphonic has worked together for over 20 years and that produces a very tight unit. Most of the wedding bands of today slap musicians together on the night and change members every single week. No matter how experienced a musician or singer is, there is no substitute for a band that has worked together for many years.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Wedding Band Entertainment

SoSymphonic is a Melbourne Wedding Band with a difference. Unlike most wedding bands we have performed in some of Melbourne’s most renowned pubs and clubs over the years. All three members in SoSymphonic are from the popular and iconic cover band Sexual Chocolate. We held a Thursday night residency at the Mercury Lounge in Crown Casino for over 6 and half years. We held a residency on a Friday night for over 5 years at PJ’Obriens in South Bank. Fast forward we recently held a Saturday night residency for 7 years also at PJ’Obriens. We have played over 3,500 shows ranging from corporate events, weddings, pubs, clubs, private parties and many other types of shows. Experience in the music industry should always be a key factor when choosing your wedding band entertainment and never settle for second best when it comes to your special day.

We look forward to entertaining your guests and providing them with a fun night they will never forget. Book a wedding band that you and your guests will remember for years to come and subtract one less stressful task when organizing your wedding day.

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